Loyalty, Perseverance and Penguins?

We have become such an instant gratification society that we sometimes forget that things  take time.  How many of us have gotten upset because the internet was slow downloading something or we had to wait in line to long for our morning coffee and we just gave up on waiting?

Our children pick up on our impatience and how easily we give up because something didn’t happen right away for us.  It’s a daily situation that they face from most adults they know.  So, they in turn learn to give up to quickly and we allow it because we don’t want to see them struggle or unhappy.  Unfortunately, they have to struggle to learn sometimes.

So, you’re wondering what all that has to do with loyalty, perseverance and penguins right?  Well, how would you feel if your child wanted to do something and didn’t give up on it when it got difficult?  Or better yet how do you think they would feel?  Accomplished?  Proud?  Empowered?   Now for how penguins fit into all of this.

About 6 years ago, a small penguin was found covered in oil and injured on a beach by a local fisherman in Rio de Janeiro.  The fisherman took […]