• Ssahng Nat CaseSsahng Nat Case

    Ssahng Nat Case

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    Carry your Ssahng Nats with ease!
    With more than enough room to carry two Ssahng Nat; this case features the ATA Logo, a cloth-lined interior, an interior zippered pocket, an exterior zippered pocket, an adjustable shoulder strap, and dual zippers. The Ssahng Nat is held in place by adjustable Velcro and vinyl straps.
    *Ssahng Nat not included
    Item Number: 31636

  • Bo Staff Case

    Staff Hard Case

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    This durable staff case is made with a PVC frame and is covered in black vinyl. Inside, you will find a center divider, as well as a plush cloth lining to keep your staff or staffs safe. Features an adjustable shoulder strap and a zipper closure at the top.
    Available in two lengths: The small 61.5″ case holds two 4′-5′ staffs. The large 73.5″ case holds two 5.5′-6′ staffs

  • Warrior Kickboxing Gloves

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  • Weapon BackpackWeapon Backpack

    Weapon Backpack

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    The large main dual zippered compartment expands out to hold all your gear. Features padded back and shoulder straps, two zippered front pouches, two “secret compartment” zippered side pouches at the bottom, several sturdy exterior straps with interlocking fasteners, and a heavy-duty carrying handle on the top.
    Measures 16″ wide x 24″ tall x 8″ deep.
    Item Number: 18616

  • Weapon BagWeapon Bag

    Weapon Bag

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    The 30″ weapon bag is the optimum way to organize and carry all your ATA gear. It was specially designed for all ATA weapons and is large enough to carry uniforms, shoes, books, and much more!
    Available in Black and Red/White/Blue.

  • X5 Jahng Bong Blue Illuminator 6'

    X5 Jahng Bong Blue Illuminator 6′

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    The X5 Xtreme Illuminator Series weapons are great for basic, BBC, and Leadership programs. Jahng Bongs are precision designed with a perfect combination of size and weight for speed and power. Features perfect ratio of diameter to tapered end for precision movement, mirror chrome polish and clear coated, and coated tips for protection and presentation. Black hand grip pre-applied.
    Approved for ATA Tournaments

  • Xtreme Competition Sword

    Xtreme Competition Sword

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    The blade is made from aircraft grade aluminum and features a blood groove and a laser etching of the ATA Xtreme logo. This sword is non-sharpened with a serrated edge and polished to a high shine. Handle is made from natural red oak. Ribbon wrap design detail on the handle serves for better grip.
    Available in 28″, 33″, and 38″ lengths.

    Length Blade Length Sheathed

    28″ 28″ 19″ 29″

    33″ 33″ 23″ 37″

    38″ 38″ 26″ 41″